Singer/actor Jared Leto isn’t a name you’d generally expect to see mentioned in EDM, but it seems he’s about to make his way into the scene. The actor will play The Joker in the upcoming antihero film Suicide Squad, undoubtedly linking the musician with the other artists featured on the soundtrack. EDM giant Skrillex is one of those artists, providing a new track with rapper Rick Ross for the movie’s highly anticipated soundtrack.

Unfortunately (fortunately?), they won’t be collaborating musically. However, Leto and Skrillex will reportedly be working together on the music video for the track. Jared took to Snapchat last night to tease a few pictures of himself in costume as The Joker. After much speculation by fans as to what the costume was for, Batman received some tips and revealed that Leto was in Miami, set to be featured in Skrillex’s new video.

Skrillex premiered the ID earlier in the year, which can be heard HERE or in the live video below.