After battling a tired lawsuit, Glastonbury Festival is bouncing back to introduce the world’s first fully stocked women’s safe space. Called “The Sisterhood,” Glastonbury’s new attraction will be staffed entirely by females, providing a “revolutionary clubhouse for any who identify as intersectional, queer, trans, or disabled.”

While festivals like Shambhala have been implementing women-only safe-spaces for years, what makes Glastonbury’s endeavor so different is their inclusion of live music, DJs, workshops, and other activities in this exclusive zone of the festival. Typically, these safe-spaces are more like “getaways” for those who may feel unsafe or uncomfortable for whatever reason during a festival, but with The Sisterhood, patrons could very well stay for the duration of the event without any fear of missing out. And unlike Electric Forest’s Her Forest, patrons will not be required to pay for entry to Glastonbury’s Sisterhood.

“In the UK, the gender pay gap in the workplace, cuts to domestic violence services and sex worker rights are current talking points that highlight this issue. Sisterhood seeks to provide a secret space for women to connect, network, share their stories, have fun and learn the best way to support each other in our global struggle to end oppression against women and all marginalised people, whilst showcasing the best and boldest female talent in the UK and beyond.”

The Sisterhood will be hidden within the Shangri La zone of Glastonbury, so be on the lookout to check out this progressive attraction.


H/T Fact Mag