In anticipation of the summer months and festival season’s peak period, Flosstradamus member Josh Young has just taken to his Instagram to announce the conception of a brand new, solo side project, Me2.

During the last month, Young has engaged in a ‘Beat a Day’ challenge for his followers, releasing a new track snippet every day for 31 days. From absolute slammers to more intimate and melodic swayers, Young’s breadth of production knowledge and creativity seems to be growing by the week.

In his recent announcement, Young said that a collection of the beats he’s shared will soon be coming out in mixtape form via record label Fool’s Gold. No information has been given as to whether or not the release will also see Young embark on a series of solo live shows as Me2.

Check out the video and transcription below, and scroll further down to listen to beat number 31.

“Hey everyone, big announcement. But first I wanna say thank you guys all so much for the support and motivation to do this beat a day challenge thing, I couldn’t have done it without y’all.  made over 40 beats this month and I’m excited to get them out, which leads me to my next point. I’m going to be doing a solo side project by the name of Me2 . . . I’m taking all of June to get the mixtape together cuz I want it to be crazy and lit and fun. Fools Gold Records is gonna be putting it out, shout out Fools Gold . . . Your support means the world to me, I love you guys, thanks so much for this. Beat 31 on the way.”


Image via Lauren Wohl