Producer San Holo has just released his latest original, this time in the form of a beautiful hybrid future bass track called “Still Looking.” Coming as the first single off of his record label bitbird‘s upcoming Gouldian Finch compilation, the song sets an uplifting and highly melodic tone for the rest of the collection. It can be downloaded for free at the link below.

“Really happy that I’m releasing this track, “Still Looking,” on my own imprint bitbird! These past years have been an amazing journey. I’ve had the honor to tour the world, release on some of the best labels in the world and meet so many inspiring people. It’s been a crazy trip. Through all this I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself, but also about this music industry that we operate in. I’ve always had the idea of starting a label and I’ve been working closely with my team to make this a reality. bitbird is a creative place where we can showcase beautiful art and assist artists in the best way we can. I really believe we can bring something new to the game. We’re excited to break some boundaries!” – San Holo

The track begins with a driving series of hollow kicks and echoing stings of high pitched synth before a swell breaks into dry vocal cuts and scattered shakers. The underlying chords combine with fast-paced percussion to lead into the break, where a restrained trap beat anchors soaring arpeggios and warbling waves of layered synth. Suddenly, a visceral array of complex drum hits takes over the spotlight, transforming the euphoric vibe into one of raw intensity and rhythm. The initial feeling rushes back when the vocals finally return, leading into a relative repeat of the first drop.

Listen to the track below, and go check out our Snapchat @YourEDM to watch San Holo’s Tuesday takeover!

Click here to download the track for free now!