Selfie-lovers and puppy-tongue enthusiasts rejoice, as Snapchat has just announced a partnership with AEG Live that will make your festival Snap Stories available for all to see. The app wants you to feel like you’re a part of world famous festivals – even if you can’t make it in person – so this deal will allow you to view live stories for the most lucrative performances, much like the sports events and city-based feeds you see every day.┬áThe first festivals to be covered will certainly excite Snapchat enthusiasts, as they just announced Stagecoach Country Music Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Panorama, Hangout Music Festival, and FYF as the first locations for this new programming.

For our followers who are less involved in social media, live stories on Snapchat are a compilation of photos and videos from Snapchat users who are attending a specific event. It’s super easy as well, as you can just submit the photo or video while you’re sending it to your friends by simply clicking on that event’s live story name.


via Forbes