At this point, you can’t even count on both hands the amount of producers who have decried Soundcloud. With deadmau5 and Ookay being the most recent examples, there have been plenty more in the past who have had official remixes or originals taken down by Soundcloud’s shoddy copyright protection system.

This latest affront is against Four Tet, who had his official remix of Tangents’ “Jindabyne” taken down for some alleged copyright infringement. As a form of retaliation, Four Tet re-uploaded the track with a new URL, “Yo Four Tet automatic content protection system detected one tracks contain copyrighted content.” As you might be able to guess… it was flagged.

The track is now up and fine, but it’s quite a ridiculous scenario to have to go through.

Soundcloud is doing its best, and in many ways, it’s still a fantastic service and probably the best platform for new and up-and-coming musicians to get their music heard. But when these kinds of complaints are coming from some of your biggest users, something is wrong.


via The Fader