Earlier this month, Bassnectar suprised his fans with four tracks from his upcoming album Unlimited, set to release in full on June 17th. The album comes as a follow-up to his 2015 Into The Sun, and shows Bassnectar crossing into new sonic territory alongside a pantheon of exciting collaborators.

The first of the two new tracks is called “Unlimited Combinations,” and is characterized by a relentless and pulsating bass synth that reaches its climax after a long and beautiful build up. The simplistic arrangement allows the energy and focus to be directed toward the scale of the production and timbre of the sounds that make it up, a perfect concoction for Bassnectar’s live sets.

The next one, “Level Up,” was created with the help of LEViTATE and vocalist Macntaj. The drop features a squealing, Eastern synth pattern and rumbling, trap sub bass before Macntaj’s verse takes over the spotlight. Coming as one of the heaviest and recognizable tracks released so far, it’s easy to see why Bassnectar sought out LEViTATE for an album contribution.

Stay tuned for more information as Unlimited‘s release date draws nearer, and preorder your copy here.