Burning Man’s organizers just bought a 3,800 acre chunk of land in Northwestern Nevada. The plan? Turn the slice of desert into a year-round haven for the ethos that drives Burning Man.

The land is called Fly Ranch, and was purchased for $6.5 million, raised by anonymous donors affiliated with Burning Man.

“Fly Ranch is a much smaller space [than Black Rock City], but with potential year-round access, it offers the gift of time. Eventually we’ll be able to create more opportunities spread out throughout the year.”

Encouraging radical self-reliance and expression has turned Burning Man into a global phenomenon, and impacted “social, economic, and artistic norms and structures.” Sure, there are already regional Burns throughout the U.S. during the year, but having a firmly planted, year-round base of operations is going to change the game. We can’t wait to see what opportunities lie in wait for this newest endeavor.


H/T The Verge