In our second partnered AMA with AsQme, fans were able to ask Sanjoy anything they wanted, and he managed to get back to a wide variety of questions. People are often pretty creative when they get the opportunity to ask their favorite producer anything they want, so we were happy to see so many people asking about his influences from India / Bangladesh, synths and production, the best of Bollywood and more!

He answered so many questions, but we’ve picked out the best few for you to see below.

You can see the whole playlist of Sanjoy’s answers here!

Sanjoy on EDM DJs posses and his own group of friends

Sanjoy on Avicii and retiring from a career in music

Sanjoy gives his verdict on the best of Bollywood

Sanjoy decides between Sasha, Eric Prydz and John Digweed

Sanjoy on his dream collaboration with Calvin Harris or Skrillex

Sanjoy talks about his plans for a live version of ‘Why You Run’

Sanjoy on whether his influences are more from India or Bangladesh


Image via Sanjoy