After Skrillex and ZHU surprised us all with “Working For It,” their collaboration has gone on to receive massive praise throughout the spectrum. And as with any production worth its salt, it’s finally been given the remix it deserves.

Naderi’s rework of the track is a vibrant display of talent, emphasizing the beauty of THEY.’s vocals with an abundance of space. Matched with flaring synth work, the drop’s skats are uncompromising, and the minimal percussion gives a daring ode to the essence of the original. Here’s what Naderi had to say about the tune:

“I had to pinch myself and take a deep breath when I got asked if I would like to remix Zhu & Skrillex.. these guys are literally two of my heroes.. I’m super super proud of how this remix came out and stoked to be able to share it with the world.”

As you might know, Naderi has played a big role in the success of FlumeWhat So Not, acting as the mixing and mastering engineer for many of their releases since early on in their respective careers.