Fake DJing seems to be an offense metaphorically punishable by death in the EDM community, though it doesn’t happen quite as often as people make it seem. Still, the odd occasion of apparently faking it does arise every so often, as a now-viral video of Ruby Rose seems to assert, despite her past insistence on her talents as a DJ.

The original video captured by a YouTube user shows her spinning at Tryst during Labor Day Weekend 2015. The video was then taken by Josh Billings, a long-time California DJ, and voiced over to elaborate on what it seems like Ruby is actually doing while she’s behind the decks.

Questionable use of the fader and relative body language seem to suggest that at least part of her set is premixed or prerecorded, though having premixed transitions is actually more common than having an entirely prerecorded set.

Regardless, as we’re unable to actually see the CDJ screens from behind her, we can’t pass absolute judgment on what’s going on and we really only have bystander testimonial to go on. Still, as a successful DJ, Billings’ words should be taken into consideration. After speaking with one of our more experienced DJs on staff, we feel comfortable saying that something seriously fishy is going on here and it leads us to believe that Ruby Rose is, in fact, not legitimately DJing.

You can see Billings’ version and the original video below.