Looking at this year’s EDC lineup, one act really stood out in terms of appeal, placement, timing, and stage: Marshmello. That 2:15 timeslot at cosmicMEADOW is prime real estate, and with a presence like Marshmello occupying it, the stage was bound to be packed to the brim (which it was).

Special guests ranging from Skrillex to Ookay appeared during his set, but it wasn’t until the end that fans really got a special treat. Marshmello announced that he would be removing his helmet, and as he did so, we recognized a familiar Dutch DJ: Tiësto.

The crowd (and internet) went absolutely wild. Theories and refutes were thrown back and forth, though we’re sure this was all just in good fun since most people already know his identity. Regardless, Marshmello’s set will definitely be remembered by fans for a variety of reasons for years to come.