The third and final night of EDC Las Vegas saw over 130,000 people in attendance bringing the total number of attendees to approximately 400,000 over the weekend. With that in mind, let’s start with the good.

For the first time since 2013, no fatalities were reported for the festival.

Now onto the bad, which is really the good if you’re law enforcement, at least: Sunday saw 40 festivalgoers arrested for drug-related felonies which topped Saturday’s record of 39 by 1.

Law enforcement also issued 16 misdemeanors (2 arrests + 14 citations) in addition to only two DUIs. There were three traffic accidents in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway general area while Insomniac Productions revealed that 41 people had been kicked out of EDC’s final night bringing the total number of ejections to 111.

From a medical perspective, there was more good news as no festivalgoers had to be hospitalized in contrast to the previous two days when 17 people (over both days) had to be taken to local hospitals nearby.


via Las Vegas Sun