In a since deleted tweet, a deadmau5 fan supposedly asked what Joel has been up to lately. In his ever-so-eloquent words, deadmau5 warned his followers to “prepare your anus,” because he just dropped a ton of news about his tour, his music, and his upcoming live set with Eric Prydz at Tomorrowland.

That was a lot so here are the takeaways:

  • deadmau5’s album is completed enough that he’s prepping the masters to be sent out
  • He’s constructing an entirely new live show with new effects
  • He’s getting into VR
  • Prepping a solo tour over North America that will hopefully begin in “late Spring” (which is now, so… whoops?)

And aside from all of this, he still finds time to be on Twitter constantly and provide us with endless entertainment. He’s also working on the live show with Eric Prydz for Tomorrowland, assembling all of the equipment needed to make their performance a truly “live” experience.