UPDATE 6/24 | Unfortunately, one death has been reported. As of Wednesday night, 20-year-old Kenani Kaimuloa was pronounced dead; her cause of death is presumed to be related to dehydration, exhaustion and heatstroke.

EDC Las Vegas is a wrap!

Over the course of the weekend, headliners (attendees) were able to see all their favorite headliners (artists) and hopefully some people also ventured out and saw the early acts, and maybe ventured to some stages they normally wouldn’t.

Security also had a pretty busy weekend.

The first night saw 28 arrests and 5 people transported to hospitals. Saturday night saw a few more arrests, up to 40, with 212 medical calls – though only 12 were transported to hospitals. The final night, there were another 40 arrests, however, zero hospitalizations were reported.

The fantastic news is that, for the first time since 2013, EDC reported zero fatalities at its flagship festival. This is probably a bigger moment than most can really comprehend, with the past 12 months being unfortunately replete with deaths at festivals. The fact that the biggest dance music festival in the world was able to report zero deaths is extremely significant, and shows legislators around the world that such a thing is possible.

Furthermore, other festivals, city districts and precincts, promoters and security teams will look to EDC as an example of what to do in order to keep attendees safe, alive and well.