To make it into the over cluttered scene of electronic music, where everyone is trying to copy the next sound or capitalize on the coolest genre almost till the point of nearly running it into the ground (circa big room 2014), innovating is necessary. Innovation is the only way in, due to the fact that music has become so similar within the past couple years that it’s almost hard to identify new sounds when listening to new producers. Brooklyn trio Tiger Tooth, comprised of video artist Sofia Szamosi, musician Johnny Siera and producer Will Broussard, break almost all barriers on the current state and thought of art and music. Video and music are meant for each other like a Tiger and its tooth and from that strain of thought NYC techno & multimedia collaboration Tiger Tooth was born.

When it comes to trippy, atmospheric techno out of NYC, there is no better 3-piece than Tiger Tooth. Eerie, mysterious and trip-inducing are just some of the words to describe their latest track “The End.” Rightfully named, the track gives a passing of time type feeling, reinforced by the constant murmur of “the end” in the background of the track. Perfect to be played everywhere from dark underground cluttered clubs to large festival sized techno tents, “The End” will be part of Tiger Tooth’s self-titled debut album out on their own imprint Baby Tooth Records.

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