Paul Kalkbrenner represents one of the rare electronic music artists that has remained relevant for the duration of his career thus far. Pioneering German techno and now bringing deeper sensibilities to the mainstream airwaves, the producer and DJ continues to innovate and redefine his music.

Almost a year since releasing his new album 7, Kalkbrenner announces a new mixtape series that goes back in time to bring classic, hard-to-find techno tunes to modern ears. Appropriately dubbed Back to the Future, this mixtape series finds Kalkbrenner sourcing nearly 5,000 tracks he heard in his days of attending Berlin clubs as a teenager. The majority of these tracks could only be found on Youtube, and Kalkbrenner took on the mission to record these tracks directly from Youtube and edit them to fit three hour-long mixes. The first installment uploaded on July 1, resurrecting classic techno tracks for the modern electronic music fan.

Check out the Back to the Future Pt. 1 and its tracklist below, and hit the “Free Download” button to download a copy of the mix. Learn more about Kalkbrenner by watching the Your EDM interview.