What So Not and vocalist George Maple go way back. Their collaborative track, “Gemini,” came as one of the most well received items on the EP of the same name, and propelled the relationship of the two into a now-iconic partnership. Today, fans have finally received the opportunity to hear them together once more.

Following his performance at this weekend’s EDC in Las Vegas, where he brought out both Maple and rapper Rome Fortune, the three have released a brand new single and accompanying music video. “Buried” comes as a brooding and minimal hip hop piece, uncharacteristic of many of What So Not’s previous releases.

The song begins with dampened, ethereal tones and George Maple’s airy vocals before Rome Fortune takes over the spotlight. The track swells upwards until a heavy percussion arrangement enters the mix, accompanied by distant echoes and a rumbling sub bass. Eventually, sweeping future bass synths punctuate the spaces in between the rhythm, leading to a gradual devolvement of the track’s components.

Watch the video below.