As one of the most well-known artists associated with drum and bass, RAM Records artist Loadstar has returned from a short hiatus to slam dunk another massive notch to their release belt.

The unfortunate case with many artists these days is they tend to stick to one specific style for most of their careers; they don’t step out of their comfort zone. While this isn’t necessarily a horrible occurrence, it’s amazing to see artists cover all fronts. This IS the case with Loadstar. From vibey liquid to absolute tearout bangers (like this one), the team smashes it on all fronts. It begins only with high hats and a sense of excitement. Before long, eerie stab-filled synths take the reigns with force. Right before the drop, your heartbeat rises with the growing kick rate. As the final sample silences everything before it, you and every other listener will know the true definition of a tear out tune.

Expect this massive tune to shatter some speakers at a summer festival near you.