Getter, once known to mainstream audiences mostly for his contribution to the “Suh Dude” meme, is finally finding crossover appeal with his latest singles. “Forget It,” released back in March on OWSLA, marked a more matured direction for the young producer. With vocals from Oliver Tree and a nuanced production, “Forget It” craftily combined bass music with pop sensibilities.

Three months later, “Forget It” receives an exceptional music video from director Liam Underwood. The music video ties well into the lyrics of the song, chronicling the struggles of a pill-addled man attempting to bring his dead girlfriend back to life by creating clones that look like his deceased lover. However, as all Frankenstein stories go, these clones don’t act quite like their original counterpart. With a non-linear storyline, dark but profound imagery and even a cameo appearance from Getter himself, the “Forget It” music video helps bring the single to life as great music videos always do for their source material.

Watch the “Forget It” music video below: