Meet Mitchell. Mitchell is a 15-year old middle school student from Buffalo, New York with autism spectrum disorder with severe hearing and vision impairment. Mitchell is also a musician and writes and records for his instrument of choice, the bass. That’s how he came to meet Nick Chiari, aka¬†Grabbitz.

Grabbitz met Mitchell through a friend of his, Pete Todoro, who works with adolescents with special needs. Pete introduced Mitchell to Grabbitz who kindly sent the young bassist a SubPac to help him play and really feel the vibrations of his instrument. Mitchell’s heightened musical ability means that he’s able to play by literally¬†feeling the vibrations in the bass and a SubPac (basically a wearable sub-woofer) really helped to augment those vibrations.

Grabbitz then invited Mitchell over to his studio for an awesome jam session where they were able to bond over their mutual love of music, and now Grabbitz is on a mission to share spread autism awareness. Check out the heartwarming video below.

Featured Image Source: Monstercat