Recently, we announced that Amazon was looking to get a slice of that streaming market share pie and now it looks like BitTorent Inc. has gone ahead and jumped the gun. Last Thursday, they announced that they would be launching a music and video streaming for iOS/Android/and even Apple TV.

This new service is called BitTorrent Now and it gives content creators the option of allowing their audio and video files to viewable by either paid or non-paid accounts. This means that content creators can effectively only tailor their programming on the platform to users who are paying members of BitTorrent Now. They also have the option of making content available offline at no further cost.

Straith Schreder, VP of creative initiatives at BitTorent had this to say.

“One of the best things that we’ve seen over the course of building this project, and one of the things that make me mad optimistic about creativity as a whole, is that some of the most streamed and most downloaded projects are from independent collectives…Being able to shine a light on some of these creators [and giving them] agency to connect with a passionate global base of film and music fans is really important.”

BitTorrent has also pledged to give content creators a 70% cut of the revenue made from video ads plus the 90% cut for their content as a pay-gate. Remember that only non-paying members using the service will see ads, a paid subscription is ad-free which seems like a good reason to pay, in addition to ensuring that all content on the service will be viewable to you.

As of today, the service is available only on Android App and browser with Apple support coming later at an unknown date.

H/T: The Tech News | Featured Image Source: The Verge