It has been over 2 years since Porter Robinson released his game changing masterpiece Worlds. He is one of the few artists that truly keeps to themselves on almost all forms of social media (as seen in the tweet below) to focus his attention on the thing that truly matters most, the music.

Anytime Porter Robinson plays out a new live edit or even speaks up in the slightest I can’t help but take note. This past weekend at Electric Forest, Porter Robinson unveiled a new live edit to his unreleased track “Shepherdess” which is an exclusive track on his vinyl edition of Worlds.

Check out Porter’s new “Shepherdess” live edit below:

Listen to the original from his vinyl here as well while it’s still up! Which one do you like better?

Alongside the new live edit, Porter also played out what appears to be a new ID which has fans frantic, as seen below. One such ecstatic fan couldn’t help himself from screaming for that “new, new” during its debut.

Listen below and get excited!

Photo by DubEra