That’s pretty much every producers dream, isn’t it? To have an artist like Diplo himself download your private demo and hear him play out your track during a solo, Jack Ü or Major Lazer show?

As it turns out for many producers on SoundCloud, if you email or send Diplo a demo of your track there’s actually a good chance he’ll download it. I’m sure a lot of people who follow DJs on Facebook or have them on private social media have seen the “oh my God Diplo just downloaded my track” screenshots.

Producer Robert Baker, who makes music under the alias We’re Not Friends, came up with a clever way of testing Diplo to see just how picky he was about what he downloaded, only to have the superstar DJ fail on pretty much all accounts. Robert sent Diplo an audio file of himself yelling, “WESLEY PENCE IS A CHILD TERRORIST AND LOVES DARK CHOCOLATE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE” and somehow Diplo decided to download it.

Now, that’s not to discredit Diplo. Maybe he actually does listen to all of the demos he’s downloaded and we caught him slipping up just this once. But what is undeniable about all this is the man’s PR chops. Whether it’s actually Diplo, his label manager at Mad Decent, A&R, or even some poor intern(s) who have to manually trawl through all of the demo emails/submission boxes/SoundCloud DMs affiliated with Diplo, you can’t deny that, as a producer, seeing that kind of validation (real or not) almost always inevitably ends up in social shares across both your artist profiles and your regular accounts.

I’ve seen way too many SoundCloud screenshots posted on Facebook or Twitter with some kind of variation on the caption, “the homie Wesley/Diplo is diggin’ the new *insert fire emojis*,” and now all I can think about is Diplo’s brilliant marketing behind all this.

What’s the lesson from all this? The next time you want to say, “oh you mean Wes?” whenever one of your friends brings up Diplo because the man supposedly downloaded one of your tracks, you might want to reconsider.

Source: Robert Baker