Dillon Francis and DJ Snake’s “Get Low” recently went platinum. Now, that’s something that probably only 0.0001% (I tried to look up actual numbers, but I couldn’t find anything) of people on Planet Earth will ever do. And for a big achievement like that, it’s not surprising that you’ll receive some kind of tangible or physical prize to commemorate your accomplishment.

Indeed, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) did send Dillon a platinum record… but with just one fatal flaw. As you’ll notice in the video below, or rather from Dillon Francis yelling at you, the platinum record actually reads “C-E-R-T-I-F-A-C-T-O-I-N”.

Watch Dillon absolutely lose it on video at Gerald the piñata and the unfortunate guy who will forever be known around the RIAA office as the “guy who misspelled Dillon Francis’ platinum record.”

So what’s the lesson here, folks? Proofreading is key.