There’s no doubt that LA-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Gryffin has made a name for himself within the past couple of months. With his fan base growing exponentially month by month, he has continued to stand out in the vast field of producers by using both his extraordinary aptitude in music production as well as his solo live performance that shows off his talents in guitar, piano, and drumming. Not only did his debut single “Heading Home” become his biggest release to date, but his entire spring tour sold out cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. Gryffin has also been playing for jam-packed crowds across the U.S. – his most recent performance was at this past week’s Firefly Festival.

To further express his music’s accessible appeal, Gryffin has released an acoustic session video of his hit song “Heading Home” featuring Josef Salvat. This new version comes after the single’s wildfire-like success, which currently exists with over 20 million streams across the web and a recently released remix package featuring artists like Le Youth, Nick Talos, and Imagined Herbal Flows. In the video, Gryffin steps away from the electronic side as he and Josef Salvat recreate the song into something more natural and intimate.