There are certain holidays that are perfect for dance music events. Holidays that create 3-day weekends, like Memorial Day, are among them. Another major holiday that seems to attract EDM events is the 4th of July, a holiday seemingly reserved for being as American (and drunk) as possible. Most clubs will be celebrating this weekend and OMNIA San Diego did not hold back.

OMNIA San Diego will feature performances from Clinton Sparks, Carnage, Irie, and Slander. While Clinton Sparks and Irie are sure to be great shows in their own right, the ones we’re obviously most excited about are Carnage and Slander. Whether you like Carnage or not, you can’t deny that he puts on one hell of a show.

And Slander? Enough said.

Spend your weekend in Beautiful San Diego with top notch trap artists. What more could you want? Grab your tickets: