Yesterday, we reported that Spotify was accusing Apple of hindering its business by blocking access to a crucial app update on the iOS store. Spotify and Apple have had a contentious relationship that was only exacerbated when Apple released its own music streaming platform, but the whole situation seems to be coming to a head as the two companies are lobbying “open letters” to each other with reckless abandon.

Apple has already responded to Spotify’s claims, accusing them of “publicly resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service.”

This situation has essentially devolved into another “he said, she said” situation, but the spoils will go to the company who can last the longest in this stalemate, and that’s probably Apple.

“It can afford to lose millions per month to maintain the strict-but-fair persona,” writes Devin Coldewey at Tech Crunch, “but Spotify is actively inconveniencing its users and losing a growing fortune. People are so fickle these days that they’ll switch services rather than deal with the friction of a web sign-up process.”

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via Tech Crunch