It’s safe to say that Louis The Child is on the up and up after a swath of impressive productions, but they’re ready to take things to the next level with this epic collaboration with pop darlings¬†Icona Pop.

From the sounds of the track, Louis The Child worked hard to make sure their production didn’t overpower the energetic vocals from Icona Pop, and the two created an easy and effortless partnership. The song teeters on the line between EDM and pop, though that line is becoming less and less clear with every release from the pop side.

The easy listening and pure summer vibes are likely to catapult this song into the charts and onto the radio, no problem. My only criticism is that it’s a pretty short track, and it’s over quite soon after it starts. But as I always say in these situations, that just gives you more reason to put it on repeat.

If you’ll remember, Louis The Child’s sort of claim to fame was being included in a¬†list of songs to “make life more awesome” by Taylor Swift. Following that moment, LTC’s career was given a bit of a jolt and they haven’t taken it for granted even once as they continue to pump out solid tracks one after another.