Justice’s new album is near completion, and thanks to Sweden’s OnlyMusicPod, we’ve been given a few hints regarding the details of the forthcoming LP.

The hosts are privy to the new album’s title, but seeing as it’s not public info just yet, they’ve teased us with what they know. The LP will not be self-titled, the hosts like the title, and the name will be just one word. No super famous vocalists will be featured on the album, but there will be some great vocalists featured, and their tour is going to be an “amazing live show.”

They go on to discuss Justice’s live show and live albums, but when the chat gets back around to the new material, they explain that it does indeed sound like an amalgamation of their first two albums, and the first single is “very soon going to be released.” Additionally, the video for the single is under way, and “most likely” the album will be released this autumn.

Have a listen below and skip to 00:36 to dive straight into the Justice segment.


H/T Harder Blogger Faster