Since the Galantis project was officially created in 2012, the duo has quickly made a name for themselves by continually putting out innovative dance tunes that have propelled them to the forefront of the dance music world. “Runaway (U& I)” was one of the most played tracks through 2015, while most recently their latest single “No Money” has spawned a slew of successful remixes and looks to be the first of their singles that might crack the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Most impressively, in a dance music world driven by bass/trap or tropical house, Galantis have continued to push their music successfully without having to divert from their sound. As member Christian says, “if someone is doing it right now and it’s super hyped, we don’t want to be close to it”

“You try to figure out where you want to go, where the next step is for you and your band but at the same time you’re looking at it thinking, ‘Where is the house scene going?’ When you create something that is completely your own thing, that’s when you don’t really have to look at where the genre is going.”



And most excitedly of all, the duo have confirmed that they a follow-up to 2015’s Pharmacy is indeed in the works. Linus knows that penning a strong successor to their debut album will be no easy task, but having spent a few years developing Galantis’ identity he’s ready for the future.

“When you’re recording a new album you want to restart, to the point where no-one knows what to expect from you…we still want to feel like we’re bringing something fresh.”