Summer is officially here and, if you’re anything like us, your schedule is slowly filling up with any number of the amazing music festivals that are so prevalent this time of year. If that’s the case (and we’ll assume it is since you’re sitting here reading this), then hot damn; we have some excellent news for you. The Bay Area’s own Organic Events & Flatline Events crew has been working tirelessly to make sure their second annual gathering is as mind-blowing as possible; and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like they’ve succeeded.

Welcome to Organic Fest: the newest member of Northern California’s boutique, underground festival family. Set to take place on the banks of Wilseyville’s Licking Fork river, the gathering aims to engage attendees with both forward thinking music and intimate, beautiful scenery. We can’t wait to get an eyeful of the redwoods, streams, and hiking trails for ourselves, but, fortunately the musical lineup is hot off the presses and it is utterly insane. This is only Organic Fest’s second year of existence and already its stages are being graced by the likes of Liquid Stranger, Zion I, Ill Gates, JokerBuku, and many other icons, pioneers, and up & comers from around the West Coast and beyond. And the fun doesn’t stop there: like its more established contemporaries, the festival will also offer workshops on yoga, flow arts, living sustainably, and more, as well as the addition of activities like swimming, hiking, and fishing (catch & release). Best of all, you can attend the event without breaking your bank, even if you’re ballin’ on a budget; even at third tier pricing (the only tickets available now), the party is stunningly affordable.

In short, there’s really no reason you should miss out on attending, especially if you’ve been trying to break into the festival scene for awhile now. The music is straight out of a bass head’s wet dream, the setting is prime, and the price is right; what’s not to love? It all goes down August 12-14th, but grab your tickets soon; they’re flying off the digital shelves. If you need just slightly more convincing, the full lineup is below the jump. We hope to see you out there!


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Organic Fest Phase 2