Earlier this week, producer Ten Walls was removed from the lineup at Ibiza’s Circoloco event after several DJs expressed their discontent at having to perform alongside someone with a history of homophobia. Seth Troxler, Pearson Sound, Ellen Allien and Midland were among the dissenters.

Now, Ten Walls has taken to social media to offer a calm and surprisingly respectful response. He said that he understands the pressure the venue experienced after many of their headlining acts spoke out. “Disappointments and anger won’t find place in my life.”

Read the full statement below.

“First of all I would like to say thanks to Circoloco for the invitation. However, my performance was canceled, as a number of DJ’s refused to play on the same stage with me. I do understand the pressure Circoloco has experienced and support their decision. Disappointments and anger won’t find place in my life. I will never give up creating and performing my music, that has been everything to me, since I was 5 years old. Keep it up and see you all equalized in upcoming gigs. Peace / TW”


Source: We Rave You