SoundCloud is doing all it can to stay afloat, and in their latest effort to resuscitate a struggling business model, the platform will be incorporating video advertising into their mobile app. We know, it sucks for freemium users, but this might be just what the service needs to survive in today’s stream-heavy climate.

However, these new advertisements aren’t going to be peppered in like the current audio clips. SoundCloud’s tactic will place these video adverts at a pretty penny. The video ads will only play between songs, when users are interacting with the application and the screen is on. This strategy assures ad agencies that their content isn’t being ignored or played to the inside of a pocket, and allows SoundCloud some negotiating leverage.

Though it’s reserved for advertisements at the moment, video uploads could certainly be on the horizon for SoundCloud users, and with Twitter now backing the company, who knows what other possibilities are in the works.


H/T Forbes