Future Classic duo Midnight To Monaco is gaining considerable steam, and their latest track “One In a Million” only solidifies them as rising stars on the Australian record label, which has been responsible for exposing the likes of FlumeCashmere Cat and others to the world. Their newest single just received a variety of great, diverse remixes, and one remix from Danish producer Kant puts the duo’s music under a house-oriented microscope.

Kant employs the use of warm synths, chopped up vocal splices and a constant kick to dress “One In A Million” for the dance floor. A fusion of indie dance, house and nu-disco, Kant’s remix proves the producer’s chops for reinterpreting a track for an entirely new audience. The track’s original vocals come in about halfway through the remix, easing in the listener before Kant decks the remix out with a full-on house onslaught.

Listen to Kant’s remix of Midnight To Monaco’s track “One In A Million” below: