Most people may not recognize “Gosh” as the opening track and third single from Jamie xx’s masterpiece In Colour, but if you watch the new video that was released last week for the track, it might just wind up etched in your mind permanently.

Though “Gosh” had a music video released last year, Apple Music has now premiered a breathtaking new video for the tune directed by noted music video director Romain Gavras. 

The video is shot in the noted Chinese ‘ghost town’ of Tianducheng which was built as a replica of Paris with even a smaller, albeit still large, Eiffel Tower right in the middle of the city. The video features a group of individuals dressed in white, presumably leaders of some sort, exploring what the city with a large group of individuals wearing red in tow. The people dressed in red seem to be some sort of army and they follow the leaders in white through the city before appear to single one out and encircle him with what appears to be a worship ritual.

Visually, the music video is absolutely stunning. Though the city of Tianducheng might have been a developmental flop, aesthetically it provided a gorgeous location to shoot, while the coordination of the “army” in red is something to behold.