Busy P, head of legendary Ed Banger Records, was recently spotted at the Ed Banger House Party in Spain playing a potentially huge new track from one of Ed Banger’s biggest artists, Justice. The French duo hasn’t released new music since their Helix EP a few years ago and hasn’t released a studio album since 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco., so this single is surely a sign that the new album is well in the works.

Busy P opened up his set with the new track, revealing it to be heavily disco-influenced like many of their later productions. The song sparked numerous rumors of a new Justice release, and thanks to some Reddit investigators, we now have some pretty convincing evidence to support this.

First, a Shazam test revealed the track to be an unknown Justice track titled “Safe and Sound”:

justice new

As more speculation continued, another Redditor was able to locate the following artwork, claiming it belongs to the upcoming single:


While nothing is 100%, we have pretty good reason to believe the French artists are responsible for this track. The sounds are very reminiscent of A,V,D. and things just seem to line up with this one, especially considering we were expecting a new album from Justice this year, anyway. Check it out for yourself below at the very start of the set and stay tuned for more info!