Last year, Norbert Selmaj took home the title of World’s Longest DJ Set after spinning a 200 hour performance in Dublin, Ireland. Now, the elusive title has changed ownership once again.

A Nigerian DJ by the name of DJ Obi has just claimed the rights to the new world record, clocking 230 continuous hours behind the decks. As stipulated by the rules, DJ Obi was permitted a one-hour break every 12 hours, in which he had to fit disco naps and care for himself. Still, when you’re mixing for 10 days straight, sleep deprivation is a very real risk.

“I hadn’t slept for maybe 4 or 5 days, I woke up hallucinating, I wasn’t in control of my body… People kept using my dad as a reference point, because you know, I’d lost my dad – and you know, ‘he’s going to be disappointed if you stop, you have to keep pushing, he’s watching you, he’s looking.’ But that’s really what kept me going.”


H/T Deep House Amsterdam