German producer Felix Jaehn continues to reveal his musical capacity to defy genres and surprise us with a brand new sound with every track he releases. This past spring, he released his pop-centric single with Steve Aoki and Adam Lambert titled “Can’t Go Home,” and followed it up with a future bass number, “Cut the Cord” with Hitimpulse. Fueled by his desire to deliver new music that exceeds his boundaries, Felix Jaehn has returned with a new anthemic monster, “Bonfire” featuring Finnish singer/songwriter ALMA.

The track’s heavy chord rhythms pair beautifully with the full-bodied vocals of ALMA. Relatively low key in the industry as of right now, it is safe to assume that ALMA’s robust sound will continue to turn heads. While her heated lyricism carries the track, Felix Jaehn masterfully mixes together a fury of heavy-hitting bass lines and succinct percussion, keeping listeners on their toes.

Listen to “Bonfire” below: