It has been an absolutely wild ride covering Monstercat‘s last two weeks of free releases on their 5 Year Anniversary compilation, which has been full of huge surprises. We got the return of EphixaStonebank‘s stunning trance debut and we even got a 5-way collaboration between some of Monstercat’s best. To close off their 5 year celebration, Monstercat has revealed “Before We Fade,” the newest masterpiece by one of their longest-running producers, Tristam.

Caught somewhere between drumstep and indie dance, “Before We Fade” is a series of contrasts that are beautifully tied together by Tristam’s astounding production skills. The track ranges from dark, harmonious verses to bright and euphoric vocal-chop-filled drops. The track’s arguable most impressive piece is its emotional synth solo that flies in toward the end of the song, leaving listeners wanting more. I think “Before We Fade” brings the 5 Year Anniversary album to a perfect close, and I’m sure most listeners will agree.

Listen to “Before We Fade” and buy the full compilation below:

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