It’s finally happening, folks! Justice has just released their new song “Safe And Sound” for free download, and it’s like getting a healthy dose of nostalgia and whimsy all in one.

While this is highly reminiscent of old Justice tracks (and we’re so happy that they haven’t radically changed their sound), it’s also carrying a lot of influence from late ’70s disco. That bouncy bassline and keyboard are typical elements of music of that era, and it’s incredible to see them being used in modern electronic music so cleanly. The vocals are also on point (as if we expected any different).

We can safely assume that this nearly six-minute track is the first single from their forthcoming album that we know is coming soon. It’s been five years since their last studio album, Audio Video Disco, and three years since their last complete work, the live album Access All Arenas.

We’ve been mentioned with each Justice post in the last year that they are what EDM needs most right now, and judging by this new single, we hit the nail on the head.

Check out “Safe And Sound” below, and download it here.