Back in May, deadmau5 settled a lawsuit with his first label, Play Records. The lawsuit was settled amicably, allowing Play Records to retain rights to “more than 100 original tracks, collaborations and remixes created by Deadmau5 between 2006 and 2008.”

A recent post by mau5trap on Facebook, concerning deadmau5′ new “for lack of a better playlist” playlist, prompted us to check deadmau5′ account on Spotify.

What we saw was a new track, “Desynchronized,” that had come out on June 20. We’re usually pretty up on our deadmau5 news here at Your EDM, and so we were all rather confused when we discovered that no one on staff had covered the release, nor had any other blog. It didn’t take much further research before we learned that “Desynchronized” had been on the internet since at least 2010. Looking up the track on Beatport revealed that the track has now been released on… you guessed it, Play Records.

From what we can gather, it seems that we could finally be getting re-releases of some of deadmau5′ oldest (and possibly lost) tracks from his previous label. This includes some old collaborations with Melleefresh, as well as one of his most iconic tracks, “Faxing Berlin.”

It would behoove fans to keep a sharp eye on his Spotify account – deadmau5 neglected to mention the “Desynchronized” upload on either Facebook or Twitter.