French producer Merzo has recently been treading in murky waters after a recent post on Facebook about the finals of the EURO 2016 between his home country, France, and the winning team Portugal.

Merzo took to Facebook moments after the game and posted this hateful & clearly non-managerial approved status:

I completely understand that people can get angry and very into sports especially soccer during the finals of the EURO 2016 out of all times. If you’re rooting for your native team and they lose, it’s only natural for you to be upset. Anger in the failure of your team is natural. Putting it out in the open, especially on your artist page (as opposed to a personal page) isn’t as wise.

As of Wednesday, July 13th 2 p.m. EST, Merzo’s FacebookTwitter accounts have both been set to private, or have been deactivated.

Soccer fans from all across the world had a little something to say back to Merzo in response to his improper, hate-fueled Facebook post. From the least graphic to the most graphic reactions: Say No to Racism Facebook Page, Fan created image, and a (graphic) satirical Youtube video.

Merzo reluctantly, whether it was on his own good judgement or by order of his managements, apologized and simply asked to be left alone for now.

Soccer fans hadn’t had enough though, as they decided to directly go to the record labels that Merzo had worked with in the past, such as Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music, and started sending hate mail.

Armada mentions that its staff had received hate mail, horrific threats and overall hurtful comments which no one going about their day needs to come in contact with.