NERVO are back with their newest track, “People Grinnin’,” featuring The Child of Lov on Big Beat Records. The track exudes a perfect summer vibe without going the whole tropical route, instead using soft bassline and strategic guitar to give it its own flavor.

The music video, though it doesn’t totally mesh with the song itself, is really cool to watch as technology creates Mim & Liv from scratch. You see their creation starting from the bass elements, adding a skeletal structure, organic parts, and finally a consciousness.

The music video is part of their ‘Made By Me’ campaign to help address the gender disparity and skills shortage in the field of engineering. The “People Grinnin'” music video features female engineers creating android versions of NERVO. Aiming to draw attention to how engineering applies to everyday life – beyond just roads and buildings – the video is a bid to attract more diverse students to the discipline. As previous sound engineering students, a predominantly male arena, Miriam and Olivia Nervo said the idea of the project immediately resonated with them.

“When we studied engineering, we were the only girls in the class. So when we were approached to get behind this project it just made sense. We loved the chance to show the world that there is engineering in every aspect of our lives. We’re sound engineers but our whole show is only made possible through expert engineering. From the makeup we wear to the lights and the stage we perform on; engineering makes it all possible, including the music we make,” said NERVO.