Last week, Kaskade teased a crazy new collab with subway artists Too Many Zooz that showed off a bit of jungle-terror inspired flair. Titled “Jorts FTW,” this energetic track now has an equally wild music video, which features shots from the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show.

The video comes after the release of his fan-requested remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common,” so it’s nice to see Kaskade experimenting with different sounds. While this may not be his best effort, “Jorts FTW” is a fun high-energy tune that will undoubtedly get many people pumped up on the dance floor. He decided to work with Too Many Zooz on this one after seeing a video of one of their subway performances which had gone viral. Kaskade has this to say to Rolling Stone about Too Many Zooz and their new collab:

This energy they had was ridiculous. A few e-mail exchanges later, and we landed in a studio together for a day. We hammered out an idea I had, and that energy I saw on the video was amplified in person, in the studio. It just moves through them. “Jorts FTW” was created from that session, and I am proud of this song. It’s massive. It’s built to work on a dance floor, in a festival, in your car, wherever. This song makes people feel good and there’s nothing to be mad at with that.

Check it all out below!


[H/T: Rolling Stone]