Finally, after weeks of anticipation and several cryptic messages left on his social media pages, Seven Lions has announced the full schedule for his brand new Journey Tour, set to take place across North America from this weekend until December.

After uploading a mysterious video preview to his Facebook yesterday, Seven Lions has come clean and unveiled the whopping 42-stop expedition. We at Your EDM are extremely proud to be sponsoring this tour, and look forward to seeing the bass-fueled carnage hit your home town.


In celebration of the tour announcement, Seven Lions also took to Reddit today for an official Ask Me Anything. Inside, he discusses the determining factors of a well-produced song, his favorite House in Game of Thrones and the idea of starting his own record label. Click here to read the full AMA.

To purchase your tickets to what’s sure to be an absolutely incredible tour series, visit Seven Lions’ official site.


Image: Lights All Night