San Holo has been on a meteoric rise as of late, garnering almost 300 thousand follows on Soundcloud – not to mention an upcoming Jauz collab which is bound to break the internet. His sound design has gotten exponentially crisper as well, validating the worldwide support he’s received over the past couple years. “Pocket” is perfect proof of this sublime production San Holo has worked so hard to achieve.

The track opens with a beautiful guitar riff layered over a muffled, punchy kick. The Nicholas’ soothing vocals subsequently add a comforting vibe, leading you into a somewhat meditative trance. Following several measures of this euphoric bliss, a detuned synth makes a sudden appearance – signaling the slight changeup that’s about to come. As The Nicholas urges you to keep him in your pocket, a saturated sub-bass comes roaring in, whilst somehow managing to maintain the same angelic vibe.

Honestly, this could be my favorite San Holo track to date. While it’s clearly marketed as The Nicholas’ song, I feel like the soulful production of San Holo is equally as influential for the piece’s energy. Check it out below, and let us know what you think!