While you and your friends might have been having the time of your lives at EDC Las Vegas, there were hosts of people looking to make your experience worthwhile. These people include Insomniac Events staff, production staff, lighting staff, security staff, and more. Unfortunately, not all of the staff went home as happy as the festival-goers as it turns out some of the security staff have still not been paid.

According to ktnv, several of the security staff at last month’s EDC Las Vegas have yet to be paid and are currently looking to go to court in order to get their wages. Their grievances are not aimed at EDC or Insomniac Events directly, but rather one of the security companies that Insomniac had contracted for the job, Bellator Security.

Security staff Rosemarie Williams says that the security company owes her close to $1,500. She is one of ten security staff members so far intending to file a class-action suit against the California-based security company.