As one of the most prolific artists in dance music, Skrillex has made a lot of music in his relatively short career in EDM. Since his debut with My Name Is Skrillex in 2010, aside from the dozens of tracks that he’s actually released, he easily has hundreds more that have never seen the light of day (or the inside of an online cart).

We were looking to create a list of his top 10 unreleased tracks, but it’s honestly so difficult to narrow that down, let alone find online copies of unreleased music (that we feel comfortable embedding). Instead, we were led to sites like Skrillex Wikia with an extensive list of unreleased music, as well as videos like the one below with no less than 3 dozen unreleased Skrillex tunes and edits.

Some of the tracks in the video above, like “Burst” and “i!!”, have already been released since the video was created in 2014. Others, like “DnB Ting” and “Rio Hotel,” are still nowhere to be found. There’s also this Skrillex & Knife Party ID from 2012 that is absolutely massive! But since both artists have seemingly moved on from this style of dubstep, it’s unlikely it will ever see an official release.

There’s so much music that you can only hear from artists by seeing them live, and EDM is easily one of the most affordable genres to see live, with tickets going as low as $5 at some venues, various free entry shows, and even headlining tours for major artists like Rusko and Flume costing no more than $60-80.

“Real” Skrillex fans will be quick to quip, “I’ve known about these tracks for years and have all of them in my library, plus more you’ve never heard of!” Well, that’s nice. But for the rest of us, this is a veritable treasure trove.