If you’ve followed PLS&TY for as long as I have then you’ll know that a debut on PRMD Music is most definitely a long time coming for the talented future bass producer. I could be wrong here, but “Outlaws” seems to be the producer’s mainstream label debut and along for the ride is his former production teacher Bobby Saint to assist on the vocals.

The thing that struck me first about this release was just how far out of their comfort zone that PLS&TY went – to great success. With more of slowed down tempo and groovier than usual bassline I hear much more of a mainstream dance almost R&B crossover sound than I’m used to hearing from PLS&TY which in his own words ‘speaks towards sexiness, smoothness, playful sin, and mystery’ and I don’t disagree! There’s not a whole lot not to love about this remix and if anything the whole student teach collaboration has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.